Produk Mary Jardin (Product) Skincare Testimoni Review Promotion & Frequently Asked Question (FQA)

Q: How long will Mary Jardin products (Full Range) last?
A: The full range is designed to last for 1-2 months, depending on frequency of usage

Q: Are Mary Jardin products recommended for oily/ combination skin?
A: Yes, it is suitable for all skin types

Q: Do Mary Jardin products contain organic ingredients only?
A: We use a combination of organic and natural ingredients. Some ingredients are natural but not certified organic

Q: Do you use colourant and fragrance in your products?
A: We don’t use fragrance. However there are natural colourant e.g charcoal is a black colourant.

Q: Are All Mary Jardin products Halal?
A: Yes. We only use plant based ingredients in our products

Q: Which product is recommended for SPF protection?
A: Mary Jardin Collagen Serum has a protective value of SPF30

Q: Do you use preservatives in Mary Jardin products?
A: Our water based products contain safe non-paraben preservative.

Q: How do I use the full range Mary Jardin products?
A: Morning:
1.Wash face with Mary Jardin Facial Soap
2. Use Face Oil as moisturizer
3. Use Collagen Serum for extra moisturizing and anti aging effect as well as sun protection

1. Clean face with Face Oil
2. Wipe off with warm Microfiber Cloth
3. Wash with Facial Soap
4. Use Face Oil as moisturizer
5. Finish with Collagen Serum

Once a week:
1. Use Detox Clay Mask
2. Rinse and wipe of with warm Microfiber Cloth
3. Wash face with Facial Soap
4. Use Face Oil
5. Finish off with Collagen Serum

Q: How long does it take to get visible improvement in my skin?
A: In average it takes about 2 weeks for visible improvement. Some people experience breakouts in the first 2 weeks of usage.

Q: Are Mary Jardin products safe for pregnant woman?
A: Yes, because we only use organic and natural ingredients with no harsh chemical

Q: Can I use Mary Jardin Facial Soap as body soap? Can I use it on my baby?
A: Yes, you can

Q: Are Mary Jardin products suitable for those with medical condition including eczema, psoriasis and skin allergy?
A: Yes. However, if your skin condition worsens, stop usage and consult your doctor immediately

Q: What is the difference between Mary Jardin Face Oil and other lotions and creams?
A: Mary Jardin Face Oil is a unique blend of plant oils that are non comedogenic. This means it won’t clog pores and cause acne, unlike lotion and cream. You will experience less skin breakouts and visibly clearer skin

Q: Which products are best for anti aging effect?
A: Face Oil and Collagen Serum

Q: Which products are best for acne and white/blackheads?
A: Face Oil and Clay Mask

Q: Which product is best for hyperpigmentation and sunburnt? (jeragat)
A: Collagen serum

Q: Is it possible to develop skin allergy towards Mary Jardin products?
A: Yes, just like it is possible for anybody to develop allergy towards natural things e.g seafood!

Q: Can I mix and match with other skin care brands?
A: Yes but the result may vary